Casino Parties

How does a Casino Party Work?, How to Throw a Casino party?, Casino Party Planning

Casino Parties Normally Include:

• Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker, Texas Hold'em - all your favorite casino party games
• Professional, festive atmosphere
• Dealers for 3 or 4 hours – Black & White, Western or Hawaiian Dress - Other theme dress may be available at additional charge
• Raffle tickets or auction vouchers for end of night prizes
• Delivery, set up and tear down of all equipment

How a Casino Party Works

The Casino Party Company's set up crew will have the casino tables and accessories for your casino party set up and ready to go at your location approximately one hour before your event begins. Professionally attired dealers will be behind their casino tables and ready to deal approximately 10 minutes before the casino opens.

Starting - Each guest will receive a "funny money" voucher. The "funny money" voucher is usually provided to the host/hostess to pass out to the guests prior to the start of the casino party. The casino party manager will discuss voucher amounts, chip denominations and general rules with the host/hostess prior to the start of the party.  When the casino opens guests may turn in the "funny money" at any of the tables where the dealers convert the "funny money" voucher into playing chips. The denominations of each color of playing chip will be explained to the players by the dealers when they exchange the voucher for chips.

Playing - Guests begin play once they have exchanged the voucher for chips. Minimum and Maximum wagers  are usually established to ensure the casino games move along at a good pace and the guests don’t run out of chips too quickly. If the guests do not know how to play the game, the friendly dealers will be happy to explain it to them to ensure that everyone learns, has fun and experiences the festive casino party atmosphere.

Ending - Approximately 15 minutes prior to the closing of the casino, the casino party manager will call “Last Hand”.  The wagering ends and the guests turn in their chips at the gaming tables where the dealer will exchange them for raffle tickets or auction vouchers.  These can be used for a chance to win prizes provided by the host/hostess.  The casino party company then breaks down the tables and moves them out of your way so you can enjoy the rest of your party.