Casino Parties

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Casino parties are a popular and successful way for companies or groups to entertain their guests. It's all in fun, with no gambling involved. Your guests wager with "funny money" and have a chance to win prizes based on their winnings. In fact, meeting planners throughout the U.S consistently vote casino parties the #1 form of theme entertainment for their clients.

So, how do you go about putting on a memorable casino party? Many things come to mind, the most obvious being to immediately sit down and contact one of our vendors listed here. Having done hundreds of casino parties in your area, they'll give you expert advice on the local and state laws governing how casino parties are done, party ideas and themes that have worked and not worked, even unusual locations that may be perfect for your event.


1. Don't over think it!
You've invited people to gather, mingle and enjoy. They've come to have a good time, and their interaction at the casino gaming tables will provide the fun.

2. Don't work too hard!
Don't be so exhausted before your guests arrive that you can't enjoy your own casino party.

3. How about a theme for your casino party?
It doesn't have to be fancy or elaborate. What time of year is it? Is there anything significant that happens around then?

February, March, July, October, November and December are all significant, with celebrations and holiday’s people naturally tie in with parties.

What about other times of the year?  Here are some theme party ideas:

Harley Biker Party
    * Jeans, leather jackets, tatoos.

James Bond
    * Tuxedos, long dresses, mystery.

Star Trek
    * Captain Kirk, fazers, klingons.

50's, 60's, 70's or 80's  Night

    * Bobbie sox, hippies, disco, big hair.


    * Cowboy hats, boots, roper jeans

Hawaiian Luau

    * Tikis, grass skirts, surfboards.

Mexican Fiesta

    * Serapes, colorful hats, pinatas.

To set the theme of your casino party, consider using props and decorations. Some of our vendors are designers and decorators and they can help you create just the right "feel" for your event.